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Infrared Photos Capture Breathtaking Views of France in Cotton-Candy Pink Hues

Infrared photographer Paolo Pettigiani transformed his road trip across France into a three-week photographic adventure. From Provence to Normandy to the Palace of Versailles, Pettigiani allows us to experience France in a way that's new and fresh. The work is an expansion of his Infraland project, which has been ongoing since 2015. 对于Infraland, the Italian photographer uses a converted full-spectrum camera to capture the unseen electromagnetic radiation of infrared light.


December 27, 2021

Photographer Captures Neowise Comet, 银河系, Northern Lights All in Once-in-a-Lifetime Photo [面试]

When Stanley Aryanto left his day job to pursue his passion as a photographer, he never could have imagined the opportunities that awaited him. He now dedicates all of his time to The Wicked Hunt, his photography business. ,最近, on his latest “hunt” he won the ultimate prize, as he was able to capture the Neowise comet, the Northern Lights, the 银河系 in one epic panorama.